Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #4

Thirteen Random Items Found in the Dark Recesses of My Purse (I Was Bored)
When Stranded at a Tim Horton's in Lambeth, Ontario
While my Daughter was Learning some New Dance Steps
and Having Left my Book on the Table by the Front Door
I was Forced to Look Deep Inside my Purse for Inspiration
What I Found was Indeed Surprising and Rewarding!

1. The instruction book for my cell phone purchased in November - handy for those moments when I forget how to access a phone number or (gulp) send a text message. Yes, I am tragically inept when in comes to using a cell phone.

2. My cell phone - dead.

3. Deoderant - I have recently taken up walking on my lunch hour (it's not really an hour, more like 40 minutes) now that the snow has retreated for another year. Always good to freshen up afterwards!

4. Forgot about these - baby pictures of my one and only....that I've now been carrying around for almost 18 years. Awwwww.

5. The one thing I use on a daily basis - my To Do List notepad. I update it daily. I am a fanatic about crossing things off of lists - 1) get up 2) shower 3) eat breakfast... you get the idea. Only problem - I always have items to carry over to the next day. In the same category - a notepad to jot ideas into. Last used in the summer when I went to Chicago and encountered a really good beer with a really good name that I wanted to remember: Goose Island Honker's Ale.

6. Cheques for my line of credit because you never know when you might need to write a big cheque on the spur of the moment for that ridiculously cheap diamond necklace in the Birk's store window you walk by on your daily walk at lunchtime.

7. A Koins for Karen film container to collect coins for Lent - empty.

8. Five unopened packages of gum. Explains the empty coin container. Also, I read Hans Brinker at an early age and want to be prepared for any leaky dikes I happen to come across.

9. Nine pens and a pencil all rolling around the bottom of the purse...not a one in the handy-dandy pen holders the purse came equipped with and attracted me to buy it in the first place- yet I never seem able to find one when I need to write a cheque for a diamond necklace. Good thing.

10. Foo Fighters tickets from the concert on March 20th. Note to self: give to daughter who still collects such things.

11. Expired cat food coupon, Capt'n Highliner coupon, and Blockbuster Video coupons. Note to self: look into purse more often.

12. Oh Wow! The extra chai teabag Tim Horton's gives you when you order an extra large chai tea.

13. OMG! The "Free Coffee" I won ripped off a coffee I bought a few weeks ago at Tim Horton's during their Roll up the Rim contest. I found a free tea and a free coffee during this purse search. I am so lucky!! W00t Woot!

P.S. As the search continued I also found a five dollar bill stuck in a wrong fold in my wallet. Who knew that such a mundane activity could turn into a veritable treasure trove. I also found a five dollar bill a couple of days ago in a spring jacket left there from last year - don't ya love it when that happens?

Happy TT everyone!

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On a limb with Claudia said...

I laughed when you found the book - then the phone was dead. Hmmmm...

Happy TT!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

You carry WAY more than I do. Which is good in that too much weight hurts. But it's NOT good in that I almost never find five dollar bills stuck in things.

Happy TT!

SandyCarlson said...

Your handbag is better than my handbag. I'd love to find a huge check I forgot to cash. Maybe someday!

siteseer said...

Purses are such interesting, telling items aren't they? Happy tt

Bethany said...

Wow!! You found a lot of random things in your purse-- love it!!! I didn't know the chai tea thing about Tim Horton's....very cool! Happy TT!

Lori said...

Im afraid to look at the bottom of my purse;) Happy TT.

Chelle Y. said...

I actually clean my purse out when I am bored too!

SJ Reidhead said...

I have a habit of leaving a 'meaningful' receipt or theater ticket stubs in the pouches of my handbags. I'll pull one out to use and be hit with memories.

The Pink Flamingo

Joyce said...

That was fun! I enjoy/need to make lists, too, in detail, and cross things off as I do them. :P

tips and tricks said...

I am also soooo guilty of leaving bits and pieces in my bag..actually I'm bringing my house in my bag! And lots of garbage, too. Fun list.

creme brulee aka GH said...

great list, haze. after my last chicago marathon a few of us headed off to the Goose Island pub with a mittful of free beer coupons. i don't think there's anything a tired marathoner likes more than free cold beer. subway stop was beside Wrigley field and pub was two blocks away. much fun was had by all, though the trips to the bathroom on the second floor was a real pain!! our slow trip back down the stairs was accompanied by loud cheering from other runners - they knew what it felt like. somewhere in my collection of marathon souvenirs are lovely, unique peeled labels from two of the cold ones i enjoyed that day. ceeb

Sassy Mama Bear said...

That is why I recently went down to just a wallet again...I go through these phases as dear husband pointed out to his mom the other night.
I had fun visiting your TT.
Mine is at The Cafe.
Hope you'll drop by.

Our Happy Happenings said...

Awww- pictures of your one and only baby- how sweet :)
It's scary to go to the depths of our purses, isn't it?