Friday, April 4, 2008

Lukiwski Aplogizes for being an "A"

Conservative MP, Tom Lukiwski made an impassioned apology to the House of Commons today hoping to salvage the remnants of his career (nothing can save his reputation) over remarks he made 17 years ago that revealed his homophobic sleazy side in living colour.

A disgustingly smarmy Lukiwski can be seen on Youtube explaining the difference between "A" people and "B" people (you can watch the video clip here but you'll need a very strong stomach - I could only listen for about 3 seconds before clicking away - it's that obscene!)

Today he said:

"First and foremost, I want to apologize to all of my friends and colleagues who are gay or lesbian. I have no idea what they must think of me now. I have no idea what they were thinking when they first heard or read about my comments. To say that I am ashamed is not putting it in context and certainly not putting it in strong enough terms." (Read entire apology in today's Globe and Mail)

Mr. Lukiwski has no idea what his "friends and colleagues who are gay or lesbian" think of him now? Would he like me to enlighten him?

To sign a petition for Mr. Lukiwski's immediate removal from public office head on over to Four Mugs and a Crock. The fact that this man is an MP and that this footage took 17 years to come to light is a travesty. Let's fix this mess!


No Nonsense Girl said...

I hope he is removed from his job. Zero tolerance for people like that.

Shannon Hodgins said...

Man, is it bigotry outta the closet week, or what?