Monday, April 28, 2008

An Embarrassment of Riches

My Can Cupboard

I've heard the first step in resolving a problem is first admitting you have one. Alright then...I have a problem. I call it my "Little House on the Prairie" syndrome and I have been this way since first moving out on my own....32 years ago!

As a young girl growing up I used to go to the village library at least once a week to take out 4 books. The librarian, Miss Lossing, knew my card # by heart, I didn't even have to get it out to show it to her (#222 - yes it was an easy one). Miss Lossing also served in the role of censor, shaking her head slightly when I veered too close to the young adult section of the library. Rats, caught again. Was it a coincidence they were located behind and just to the left of her desk? I think not!

As a result I read and reread all of the books in the Little House on the Prairie series and fretted along with Ma and Pa as they worried whether they had stored enough food in the loft for the upcoming long cold winter season. No trivial event to run out of food in the midwestern United Stores in the days before corner stores...or close well-stocked neighbours!
My Refrigerator

So while that is my excuse I really have no valid reason to stuff my cupboards, fridge, freezer and pantry with enough food to feed a small nation for a month. Believe it or not there is only my daughter and myself to feed. I could very easily not shop for a couple of months and we'd still eat quite nutritiously.

My Freezer

In these scary days of increasing food prices, looming food shortages, grain being diverted to make ethanol, drought, and dwindling reserves I feel embarrassed, nay ashamed, by the riches in my kitchen.

My Pantry

We are used to such variety in our diets. Although I eat oatmeal every morning (but that's another story best read about at my group blog) my daughter is quite accustomed to eating a different cereal each day of the week. Watching the Free Rice video where children were so grateful to eat rice for every meal made me feel kind of sick.

So, while I can afford to eat pretty much anything I want, should I? Will my good fortune continue in this uncertain world of vanishing resources or should I begin to prepare for a more meagre future? Where should I start? Well, I can think of a few places.... I need to get my food purchasing under control. No matter how long winter is here in southwestern Ontario I can think of half a dozen grocery stores within walking distance - I'm not gonna starve!!

Stay tuned for future developments.


creme brulee aka GH said...

our cupboards and freezer re the same; i remember getting frustrated one day early after retirement; we had 47 things to put on a sandwich but not a slice of meat to be found.

we're doing better; our large basement freezer is on its way out for a much smaller version, and if i can persuade Pat, we'll do without that one too.

No Nonsense Girl said...

I'm like you and live alone. :)