Wednesday, March 12, 2008

March Break - I'm Still Here and I'm Still Nuts

While many lucky people are spending this week walking along the beach, kicking sand, collecting shells for future crafty projects (gagging sound), I am still here in London, Ontario. The photo above was taken just a few days ago after a lovely 30 hour snow shower. That's like a rain shower except white, fluffy, cold and about 2 feet deep!

While some of us here are complaining (silently), others in Quebec are becoming victims of SNOW RAGE! I kid you not. Those French folk, those colourful little Quebecois, are letting their hot temperament get the better of them and are striking out at their neighbours with shovels, bare hands, and in one case - a 12 guage shotgun.

While watching CTV news last night, a Canadian tradition, I listened to Lloyd (as in Lloyd Robertson - that famous news anchorman - what is he doing with his hair??) describe a situation that happened on Sunday in Quebec City. Apparently a snow-plower for hire accidentally blew some snow into a neighbour's yard. The 63 yr. old man became irate and banged the snow plow with his shovel. Although receiving an apology he hastened into his garage and grabbed his shotgun. When he began to cock the gun the plower woman became a wee bit frightened and called 911.

Another incident in January, also in Quebec City, saw another irate man grab and choke his elderly neighbour after she also accidentally blew snow into his yard. Tabernac! I wonder if these men would have attacked in quite the same way if the antagonizers had been men, and I'm thinking probably yes, as they were likely in a blind rage.

So although the snow here is deep I haven't encountered any Snow Rage yet, and since I live in a condo and my sidewalk and parking lot are plowed for me I should be safe. And though I am still nutty for spending my March Break here in London, setting up this new blog, I'm not nearly as cracked up as those crazee frenchies!

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