Friday, March 21, 2008

Foo Fighters Claim Canada the Best Country in the World

Last night, Thursday, March 20th saw the greatest rock band currently in business, the Foo Fighters play an exhausting two hour concert at the John Labatt Centre. Not that I'm biased or anything, but I did have to agree with singer, songwriter, drummer and guitarist and frontman for the band, Dave Grohl, when he rejoiced in Canada's status as the best country in the world. Who am I to argue with Dave?
It was a wild and crazy night as Dave ran up and down the central runway strutting his stuff like some sort of grungy, scruffy supermodel, pausing here and there to slam a few great riffs into adoring fans' ears.

For those of us down at the other end of the arena the best part of the show was when a circular stage gently descended from the rafters settling down just a few feet away from us. Dave and the gang played "Skin and Bones", "Marigold", "My Hero" and more in an acoustic set complete with keyboards, accordian, violin and a great "triangle" solo by percussionist Drew Hester.

You had to be there!

What is it about Dave Ghrol that his fans, including yours truly and my 17 yr. old daughter, eating out of his hand? It can't be the Grizzly Adams appearance with hair constantly hanging in his face...can it? Or his nondescript basic black grungy clothing. Or the fact that every other word rhymes with puck and pit.

No, I would have to say it's because of his massive talent and equally impressive charisma (like I said, you had to be there) that left us screaming for more. He certainly delivered the goods, especially when standing on top of the speakers letting loose with one of his rock god screams.

The last time the Foos were in London it was to open for Bob Dylan. Let's just say they more than made up for Bob's coldness and total lack of charm that night. Sorry ceeb, I know you're a big Dylan fan, so am I, at least of his music, not so much of the performer. It was as if Bob deigned to honour us with his presence, whereas Dave made us feel there was nowhere he'd rather be.


Amanda said...

I guess since you live in Canada, I can't crack any Canada jokes!

In actuality, I use to live right across the river in Michigan from Canada and have also been up there through Washington State. It is a very nice place.

Kmommy said...

I am so jealous! The Foo Fighters are one of my absolute faves!