Thursday, May 8, 2008

Price of Gasoline

With the price of gas currently above $1.20 per litre, the above picture taken on April 11th is starting to look good. That's just sad.

So, like millions of other people I am looking for ways to improve my car's gas mileage what with trips to the trailer looming in the near future. Gotta get to the trailer.

One tip I read says to reduce the amount of weight that you carry in your car. It's time to take out the sandbags from your trunk as I think we are safely past any surprise spring snow showers. (That's an opinion, not a promise!)

Taking that a step further I have decided I need to lighten up. So over the past month I have managed to lose 11.5 pounds. That should help my gas mileage a little, but not enough. So I have decided that no one over 130 lbs. will be allowed in my car. Hey, gives people a little incentive don't you think? Obesity is a huge problem in this country, I'm just doing my bit for the people. And the environment....and my wallet.

After searching the internet I found this "rule of thumb" at the site "Daily Fuel Economy Tip":
For every extra 100 pounds you carry in your vehicle, you reduce gas mileage and fuel economy by roughly 2%.

Maybe my weight limit should be 30 lbs. instead. And how much more weight can I really lose? Kinda ridiculous isn't it? But seriously, clean out the trunk of your car - I know I carry around a lot of useless stuff and could lighten my load by quite a bit - at these prices I'll try anything!


No Nonsense Girl said...

The gas prices are crazy here too. I'll snap a pict tomorrow like yours. :D

Hazel Nut said...

Could be that we won't see 114.9 for a long while, if ever. Starts to make the whole situation kinda look serious, doesn't it?