Thursday, May 22, 2008

David Cook - A Well Deserved Victory

There seems to be a new kind of guy garnering respect these days and I like it. A self-described "word-nerd", David Cook - a humble, off-beat, weirdly intelligent rocker type (who wears argyle sweaters) with a raspy raw perfectly pitched voice, won the day at American Idol. For once, talent won out over the cutesy, teeny-bopper syrupy-sweet young'un type. (Remember Clay?)
Not that David Archuleta doesn't have an incredible voice - he does- but not much range in the types of songs he can sing. A balladeer, another balladeer.
Rock on David Cook. Let's see what you can make of your chance.
And fellow Canadians, Canadian Idol starts up on June 3rd. YAY!

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